Safety first – Kronqvist Byggservice has received updated RALA certifications


RALA (Rakentamisen laatu) quality system certification is an impartial evaluation and approval procedure designed for the specific needs of the Finnish construction industry based on the ISO 9001 standard.

The certification can be directed towards the company’s quality management, environmental or safety systems.  

The certification targets one or more areas of the management system: 

  • RALA Laatu, quality certification, verifies the quality management system
  • RALA Ympäristö, environmental certification, verifying the environmental system
  • RALA Turvallisuus, safety certification, verifies the occupational health and safety system

Byggservice Kronqvist has the certificate RALA Laatu from 2020 and RALA Turvallisuus and RALA Ympäristö from 2023. An external audit is held annually to maintain the certificates.

RALA Laatu, Quality Certification

With the RALA quality certificate, we improve the productivity of the company’s quality system systematically and comprehensively. At the same time, the quality certificate is an indication of the level of the company’s operations for customers in the field. 

RALA Ympäristö

RALA’s environmental certification has been developed based on the ISO 14001 system to meet the special needs of the Finnish construction industry. The growing environmental requirements of construction can be difficult. Clear evaluation criteria for certification help to take control of the big picture and ensure that essential issues have been considered in business operations.

RALA Turvallisuus

The goal of safety systems is to take care of the health and safety of employees. The impartial RALA safety certification shows that the company’s safety systems and management of occupational health and safety issues are at a good level and that operating practices are developed systematically and responsibly. 

The evaluation criteria for the RALA safety certificate set clear requirements for the safety system, its application and further development. The certification has been developed from the ISO 45001 standard to consider the special characteristics of the Finnish construction industry.

What is the added value for our customers that we at Byggservice Kronqvist are RALA certified?

Having RALA certifications can offer several benefits and added value to our customers:

    1. Quality and reliability: the RALA certification LAATU focuses on maintaining high quality in services and products. It gives our customers confidence that we have established and follow clear processes to ensure that our customers’ needs and expectations are met.
    2. Customer focus: RALA certifications advocate that we have a strong customer orientation. This means that we actively listen to our customers’ needs and work to fulfil them in the best possible way. This leads to more customized solutions and satisfied customers.
    3. Efficiency: By following RALA’s standards, we can increase our internal efficiency. This translates into shorter project management times, reduced costs, and better use of resources.
    4. Environmental awareness and sustainability: The RALA YMPÄRISTÖ certification shows that we take environmental responsibility. This can mean reduced environmental impact, reduced energy consumption and more sustainable construction methods, which many customers in today’s environmentally conscious society demand.
    5. Work environment: RALA certification TURVALLISUUS shows that we take the work environment seriously and strive to create a safe and healthy workplace. This can result in reduced work-related injuries and illnesses and increase the attractiveness of the workplace for skilled labor.
    6. Transparency and documentation: RALA certifications require clear documentation of processes and results. This provides greater transparency for our clients and can help resolve any disputes or questions that may arise during a project.

In summary, RALA certifications provide confirmation to our customers that we meet high standards of quality, safety, environmental concern and efficiency. It is an investment in long-term entrepreneurship and that is something that is important to us.


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