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For almost 20 years, we have worked actively to solve problems due to moisture and mold. We can help you with most things when it comes to moisture and mold. Our specialized team is called Detecta and has a very broad competence when it comes to performing technical investigations and demanding remediations. The expertise within the team is used extensively throughout the group, both in terms of building and construction planning and for contract construction. The members of the team are trained regularly and participate in projects that promote development in the industry. The remediation team also has access to the latest technology when it comes to dehumidification, demolition work, dust-free working and disinfection.

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Kronqvist is a growing, Ostrobothnian group in the construction industry.
For almost 20 years, we have worked actively to solve problems due to moisture and mold.
The inspection is divided into condition inspection, indoor climate investigations and remediation and damage repairs.


We offer condition inspections of various properties, e.g. industrial buildings, public buildings, apartments and holiday homes. We have extensive experience of properties from different construction years and different construction methods.

Indoor climate

In the investigation, we look at how we can improve the indoor climate for those staying in the space. The investigaition usually begins with a visit on site and according to our assessment and in consultation with the customer, we then have the opportunity to take various material and air samples.

Remediation and
damage repair

Our remediation team specializes in demanding microbial and water damage. It is important to limit the decontamination area to avoid dust and microbial spread. For smaller remediation projects, we can also take care of the reconstruction to complete the renovation.

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Ingenjörsbyrån and Byggservice have really listened to our wishes as customers, and then the work has rolled on to our satisfaction ..
The indoor air quality has noticeably improved, no one has complained about it after the remediation. Thanks to the moisture sensors in the crawl space ..
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Remediation expert


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