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We help you create spaces where form and function strengthen each other. The scope of the project can range from a simple consultation to a comprehensive planning. Our customers consist of private customers, companies, housing companies, the city and municipality. We work closely with the other departments at Kronqvist Bolagen and can therefore offer a high-quality solution according to your needs.

An interior design plan includes one or more of the following services depending on your needs and the scope of the project.

Corporate environments

Your employees spend a third of their day at work and the environment in the workplace affects them. In an environment where employees feel good, they perform better and come to work with a positive attitude. A prosperous staff is one of the foundations of a profitable business.

You will find alert and well performing employees in a space where lighting, acoustics, materials, colors and shapes interact in the best way possible. It is all about meeting the basic needs at the same time as the brain gets an extra kick through the stimulation of the senses. The pursuit of harmony is always equally relevant and essential.

By paying attention to your image also in the interior, cohesion is created within the company while the customers get a clear picture of your business.

Public Environments

Schools and daycare centers are there to give young people a good start in life. We want to give children and young people space to grow as individuals. They should feel that school is for them and that they are seen. Creativity and openness should be encouraged. The children have sparks of imagination just waiting to flare up. In the interior, function and routine should be integrated with innovation and spontaneity.

The library is a place for concentration, silence and tranquility – a free zone in today’s stressed society. Ever since ancient times, the library has had an obvious place in society, with the aim of educating and making knowledge accessible to all. The interior design, room layout, acoustics, lighting and color choices work together to create a harmonious space that supports the library’s functions and offers a positive library experience.

Private environments

Together we create the harmonious and personal home you have dreamed of. In the fusion of form and function, well-being arises.

The colors, lighting, materials and all other components of the room design a stimulating environment that gives you both peace and energy for many years to come. The most important thing for us as interior designers is that you  feel comfortable in your home.

We welcome all kinds of assignments where we can better your well-being by optimizing the spatial solution. It can be everything from choosing the wall color in your renovated living room to overall planning of your new home. Large or small project, we are happy to be at your service.

Without having to spare more than a few hours of your free time, you are involved throughout the process and the end result is your own unique home.

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Our goal is to create value.
Our mission is to meet the customer’s needs.
In this industry, you can plan and build in many different ways, but we are driven by the desire to find a smart and sustainable solution for the customer. Read more about our projects by clicking the links.

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