Remediation and damage repair

Let us handle the remediation

Our team specialized in advanced microbial and water damage is called Detecta. We have a very broad competence when it comes to performing technical investigations and demanding remediations. The expertise within the team is used extensively throughout Kronqvist Bolagen.
It is important to limit the decontaminated area to avoid dust and microbial spread. We can also take care of the reconstruction to complete the renovation.
Kronqvist Sanering och Skadereparationer

Remediation of moisture damage

Water damage often requires quick and solid efforts to save what can be saved. Detecta are experts in moisture and water damage and offer measures from leak detection, demolition of damaged material, water and moisture remediation and dehumidification.

Remediation of
fire damage

This includes removing debris, removing any water and water damage that might be left as a result of the firefighting, removing all the smoke particles, removing and replacing damaged contents, as well as irradicating the smell of smoke.

Remediation of
crawl spaces

Our remediation team specializes in demanding microbial and water damage. It is important to limit the decontamination area to avoid dust and microbial spread.We have good experience of crawl space remediation and use Corroventa’s high-quality drying equipment.

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