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A Construction and engineering company under the same roof

Kronqvist is a growing Ostrobothnian corporate group in the construction industry.

We inspect, plan, build and renovate. The construction company’s expertise is in contracting, industrial construction, renovation and remediation. The engineering bureau specializes in structural design, indoor climate investigations and 3D modelling. Thanks to our extensive range of services and our long experience in the industry, we can offer the right solution for each customer and property. Read more about our business by clicking the button below.

Our services

We can help in almost every type of project when it comes to construction and real estate.

One of the biggest advantages of working with Kronqvist is that we have both a construction company and an engineering bureau within the same group and can therefore offer a comprehensive range of services related to construction and real estate. It is worth contacting us even if you do not find the service you are looking for in the list below, we’d be happy to help you find the right solution!

Building and structural design

Building planning has been part of Ingenjörsbyrå Kronqvist's core business ever since the company was founded. The reference list includes everything from simple saunas to advanced industrial buildings.

Construction Contracts

We’ll listen to your wishes and based on that we'll create a solution that is tailored for your needs specifically. The solution we provide consists of a lot of different parts. We are happy to be of service with all parts but can also tailor the project to include just the parts you need.

Condition Inspection

We offer condition inspection of various properties, such as industrial buildings, public buildings, apartments, and holiday homes. A condition inspection includes an ocular inspection of the property, without structures being opened.


Building permit documents include the drawings and forms required to obtain a building permit. The building planning includes sketch drawings, completed drawings and filling in the required forms for a building permit.


Sometimes buildings need to change to meet the needs of the space. We have extensive experience in renovating almost all types of properties and are happy to help you with your renovation.

Indoor climate investigation

If you suspect problems with the indoor climate, we are happy to help you. In our investigation, we look at opportunities to improve the indoor climate for those who are staying in the space.


With our interior design, we want to make your house feel like your home. It is also important that you feel comfortable at your workplace, at school or wherever you are. We help you create spaces where form and function strengthen each other.

Service contracts

We focus on technical renovations, service work and tailor a form of collaboration that suits you best! To achieve a functional work environment, one should look at all aspects of the environment. We specialize in finding various solutions for a functional work environment.

Remediation and damage repair

Our remediation team specializes in advanced microbial and water damage. It is important to limit the decontaminated area to avoid dust and microbial spread. We can also take care of the reconstruction to complete the renovation.

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We have experience in most types of construction projects and are a Rala-certified partner in the areas of quality management, environment and safety.

We are also RTA experts, which means we have the latest expertise in healthy construction.

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We operate throughout Ostrobothnia, our offices are located in Nykarleby, Jakobstad and Vaasa.
The Jakobstad and Nykarleby offices are open 9-16. The Vasa office is open by agreement.


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