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Byggservice Kronqvist was founded in 2008 and is part of Kronqvist Bolagen, a growing Ostrobothnian corporate group in the construction industry. Byggservice Kronqvist´s headquarters are in Nykarleby, but the business extends throughout western Finland. Byggservice Kronqvist offers competitive solutions to companies, the public sector, and private individuals. Byggservice Kronqvist’s services are divided into contract projects, renovations, and service agreements. The latter is a concept that involves mapping properties where specific proposals for measures are compiled in a clear report. If necessary, the concept also includes the execution of service and construction work. Thanks to our broad construction know-how, we’ll find the best solution for your specific needs. We are happy to be involved from the initial stage of the project. Then we’ll have the opportunity to influence the overall result and the costs of construction the most. We are happy to handle the entire construction project “key in hand”, so there´s more time left over for you to focus on your own business.

Certified partner

RALA (Rakentamisen laatu) quality system certification is an impartial evaluation and approval procedure designed for the specific needs of the Finnish construction industry based on the ISO 9001 standard.

We can handle the project
"Key in hand"

Turnkey is a form of contract where a single contractor is responsible for both design and construction. Turnkey-Projects with Kronqvist as the contractor means that we deliver a complete solution – we take full responsibility for your new construction or renovation.
One of the benefits with turnkey-projects, is that we are involved in the entire construction process. For you as a customer, this means that you get coordination of all parts of the project. Design, groundwork, construction, electrical work, plumbing, ventilation, automation, etc.
Simply explained, we help from an idea to finished building!
We’ll listen to your wished and based on that create a solution that is tailored for your needs specifically. The solution we provide consists of a lot of different parts. We are happy to be of service with all parts but can also tailor the project to include just the parts you need. For us, KVR means taking responsibility from idea to moving in.

The Turn key concept

Pleasant and healthy company premises

The Turn Key concept offers tailored business spaces in an effortless and quick , quickly and worry-free for the customer. The concept is based on modules with well-thought-out and developed basic solutions that are optimized according to different requirements.

Qualitative spaces are built time- and cost effectively. The process is transparent and the goal is a win-win situation for both parties.


The customer gets in touch and gets access to our Turn Key questionnaire.


The customer answers the questionnaire and sends it to us.


The answers are analyzed, and a target price is set.


A target price, a price range and a price cap are set. An agreement is written.


The project is carried out according to the agreement.


An agreement for service maintenance of the property can be signed.

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Our goal is to create value.
Our mission is to meet the customer’s needs.
In this industry, you can plan and build in many different ways, but we are driven by the desire to find a smart and sustainable solution for the customer. Read more about our project by clicking the links.

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