Condition Inspection

Suspecting problems with your building?

We offer condition inspection of various properties, such as industrial buildings, public buildings, apartments, and holiday homes. A condition inspection includes an ocular inspection of the property, without structures being opened. Moisture measurement with a surface moisture meter, which gives an idea of ​​moisture in structures. Drill-hole measurements can also be performed if suspicion of moisture in construction arises. After the inspection, a report is received containing results from the inspection as well as examples of measures to maintain and improve the condition of the property. We have extensive experience of properties from different construction ages and different construction methods.


Thermography, also called thermal photography, is a method of converting an object’s infrared radiation into a visible thermal image. Thermography uses a so-called thermographic camera that detects infrared light to “see” and “measure” the infrared radiation emitted by an object. Unlike ordinary light, anything hotter than absolute zero emits heat in infrared light. The use of a thermographic camera belongs to the so-called non-destructive inspection category.

Drill-hole measurement

It is required to perform a drill-hole moisture measurement in the concrete slab before coating it. A coating decision must not be made based on a surface moisture measurement. Different types of surface coating have different requirements for the relative moisture content of the concrete. Coating of wet structures can come back to bite you, in the form of indoor climate problems. To locate floor heating coils, we have a thermal camera to help. You’ll also get a report stating that the measurement has been made.

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